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ICE thrives on providing specialized maintenance and repair of cryogenic refrigeration systems including cold heads, cryopumps, helium compressors, activated carbon oil adsorbers and other ancillary devices that cool superconducting magnets in MRIs. Very few companies do what ICE does and our knowledge, experience and commitment to quality craftsmanship are unmatched.

Your uptime is our mission. Our priority is that every service event is as seamless as possible and is completed as quickly as possible. ICE is positioned for continuous growth by building and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.

This is the ICE mission, and ICE is ready to serve you.

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We are your cryogenic parts, support and service solution.

With the best people, processes and proprietary technology, ICE provides industry-leading expertise on virtually all major MRI manufacturers — and we are growing by the day. Our commitment to enhancing patient care is unmatched, as is our dedication to our partners and their continued success. If you need immediate support for any cryogenic parts or service across any of the following equipment types, we want to be your first — and last — call.

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