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Keeping it cool for over 25 years.

The story of the branding of ICE fits right in with the 626 story. The founding of ICE happened on July 4th, Independence Day of 1994 where ICE was celebrating their accomplishment of rebuilding their 1st compressor with a successful test run. Frank Hughes, Susan Hughes, John Hughes, and Marc Fessler were enjoying some Molson Ices when John Hughes raised his drink to the sky and said, “I got it. We will be ICE. Independence (as it was Independence Day), Cryogenic, Engineering” because their business was built around cryogenic refrigeration management.

ICE provides parts, maintenance and service expertise for cryogenic refrigeration systems. This includes repairing and reconditioning of cold heads, cryopumps, helium compressors, activated carbon oil absorbers and other ancillary devices that cool superconducting magnets in MRIs. ICE also carries a substantial inventory of specialty refrigeration system parts.

Based in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, ICE’s comprehensively trained team serves clients located throughout the United States and abroad. These clients include: OEMs, ISOs, hospitals and academic research facilities, among others.

ICE has experienced many milestones since its founding, such as installing the first-ever cold heads into mobile MRI machines back in the 1980s.

When Frank Hughes and Marc Fessler started servicing cooling systems for semiconducting magnets decades ago, it could take up to 24 hours to turn the system back over to the customer for them to scan patients. With an intense focus on customer uptime, the ICE engineering team created a series of innovations so that what formerly was a day-long process, was now one that lasted only hours. This type of continuous improvement is in the DNA of every engineer that ICE trains, and is part of the value proposition that every ICE customer receives.

Our team has seen virtually everything in the field of cryogenic refrigeration systems, and we can ensure that you will receive best-in-class parts, service and uptime if you trust ICE with your magnet solution needs.

ICE was acquired by 626 Holdings, based in Delray Beach, Florida, in October 2021, but continues to operate with the spirit of its founding.

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We are driven by our team — a group of talented, hard-working, dedicated individuals. Our areas of expertise span a wide range of disciplines, making it possible to develop next-generation solutions. The world moves fast, but we move faster.

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We’re always keen to meet talented and driven individuals to join our team. ICE and parent company 626 fosters a supportive, fast-paced and exciting working environment in sunny South Florida, New Jersey, Long Island, Georgia, Orlando and our Midwest office in Ohio. We value honesty and flexibility, and provide a busy and collaborative work environment. If you’d like to hear about current career opportunities, feel free to drop us a line.

The world moves fast. We move faster.